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Hi there! Welcome to my site. My name is Marina and this blog was born out of exasperation with the abundance of information out there. SO MUCH INFORMATION. Some of it great, some not so much, but for every single thing I wanted to know, I had to search, and analyze, and compare. Than compare some more, because as we all know, for every great thing out there, there are at least 3 alternatives already invented. So, on this site I will be reviewing the best parenting techniques, easiest ways to feed your tribe a healthy diet, and the quickest, most efficient ways to do that. Of course, while you take care of your family, life has to be a little fun – for that, there is the travel section. There you can find the best ways to travel, free or cheap activities to try, and effective ways to connect with your kids in the little time they aren’t on screens.

I would love to hear from you! All articles have a comment section, please feel free to share your thoughts or your own experiences. If you would like to send me a message, the direct email is

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