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Cooking Made Easy: Kitchen Gadgets To Transform Your Health

We all know that juggling work, household chores, and taking care of our little ones can leave little time for preparing nutritious meals. But fear not! With the help of some handy kitchen gadgets, you can make healthier food choices for your family without sacrificing precious time and energy. Below gadgets have been a proven time saver, are not expensive if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, and are created to help you in making your lifestyle healthier.

1. Spiralizer

Are you a pasta lover but looking for a healthier alternative? Look no further than the spiralizer! This versatile kitchen gadget can transform various vegetables into delightful noodle-like shapes, allowing you to replace traditional pasta with veggie noodles. Swap out the carbs and embrace a lighter, healthier alternative in your favorite pasta dishes.

You can make pasta out of many vegetables such as zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, and even cucumbers! You can then cook them as you would regular pasta, but with a much shorter cook time, serve them raw, bake them with some salt or lightly sautéed with some seasoning. Not only do they taste great, but also add some fun color to any dish!

You can get them anywhere that sells household products. They are also not expensive, starting at about $12 at Walmart and Amazon. My favorite kitchen appliance the KitchenAid stand mixer also sells a spiralizer attachment, but those are not quite as budget friendly as the stand alone units.

2. Food dehydrator

Ever wanted to extend the shelf life of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs while keeping their nutrients intact? Look no further than a food dehydrator! This innovative kitchen gadget uses low heat and airflow to remove moisture from food, resulting in delicious and nutritious dehydrated treats.

This appliance is great if your family likes snacking. It can easily preserve the natural goodness of fruits, vegetables, and herbs while creating delicious and healthy snacks. Dehydrated fruits like strawberries, bananas, or mangoes retain their natural flavors and become a concentrated source of vitamins and fiber.

You can swap store-bought potato chips for homemade, nutrient-packed veggie chips. Cut vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beets, kale, or zucchini into thin rounds or strips using the next item on our list.

Try making lean and flavorful jerky or make your own herbs. You can even create those delicious fruit leather pieces by pureeing your kid favorite fruits and spreading in on the dehydrator trays!

Although this isn’t the cheapest appliance on our list, it more than pays for itself in a very short time. Think about how expensive those fruit bars are. Even potato chips prices have gone insane recently! A food hydrator can start at about $70. Sold in most department stores that sell appliances, and even Home Depot!

3. Mandoline

If you’re looking to slice, julienne, or create perfectly uniform cuts with ease, the Mandoline slicer is your go-to kitchen gadget. This versatile tool offers precision and efficiency, making your food preparation a breeze. It gives you the ability to make consistent and thin slices of fruits and veggies, perfect for creating healthy snacks or adding precise portions to your dishes. And it does it in the fraction of the time it would take to slice these by hand.

This handy little tool makes it easier and faster to utilize some of the other appliances on our list. You can use it to slice fruits and veggies, and then use either the food hydrator or an air fryer to change their flavor and texture. You can transform potatoes or root vegetables into waffle-cut fries, or use it to make colorful snacks by crinkle-cut potatoes or other firm veggies. Some Mandoline slicers offer a waffle blade that creates a textured pattern for my favorite waffle fries!

These little gems can be purchased very inexpensively, starting at about $11 at Walmart, on Amazon, or other department and kitchen stores. And they are well worth the price if you want to add more finely sliced goodness to your diet.

4. Portion Control Plates

We’ve all been there—piling our plates high with food, only to realize later that we’ve overindulged. Portion control plates come to the rescue by providing a visual guide to help you achieve balanced meals and control your portion sizes.

The concept behind portion control plates is simple but effective. The plates are divided into sections, each designated for different food groups. By filling each section with the recommended portion sizes, you can ensure you’re getting a well-rounded and nutritionally balanced meal.

These plates are a helpful tool, but they are not meant to restrict you. They provide guidance and raise awareness about appropriate portion sizes, helping you make healthier choices. As you become more familiar with portion sizes, you’ll develop a better understanding of how to create balanced meals on your own.

You can pick some up on Amazon, health and fitness stores, and certain department stores. The prices do vary from about $4 to $30 for a set.

5. Air Fryer

Do you love the irresistible crunch of deep-fried foods but want a healthier cooking method? Enter the air fryer! This innovative kitchen gadget uses hot air circulation to cook food, giving you that crispy texture without the need for excessive oil.

These guys have been on the market for quite awhile, and they allow you to achieve crispy and delicious results with a fraction of the oil traditionally used in deep frying. From chicken wings and fries to tofu bites and beyond, the air fryer opens up a world of healthier possibilities. You can enjoy guilt-free indulgence without compromising on taste and texture.

They come in many shapes and sizes, as well as price points. You can pick up a smaller one for about $50-$60 anywhere appliances are sold, and they start at about $160 for one big enough to feed a family.

6. Herb Infuser water bottle

Drinking enough water is essential for our overall health and well-being. However, plain water can sometimes feel monotonous, making it challenging to meet our hydration goals. Enter the herb infuser water bottle, a fantastic gadget that lets you infuse your water with the refreshing flavors of herbs, fruits, and other delightful ingredients.

Adding herbs, fruits, and spices to your water infuses it with natural flavors, transforming plain water into a tantalizing and refreshing beverage. The herbs release their essential oils, while fruits add a subtle sweetness without the sugars found in store-bought fruit beverages.

Infusing water with herbs and fruits not only enhances the flavor but also adds a boost of essential nutrients. Many herbs and fruits are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, providing you with an extra dose of goodness as you hydrate. Plus, the enticing flavors may encourage you to drink more water throughout the day, helping you stay properly hydrated.

You can use lemon or lime slices, and a handful of mint leaves to make a citrus mint water for a refreshing burst of energy. Or make berry water by mixing a handful of mixed berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries with a sprig of fresh basil. The sweetness of the berries combined with the herbal notes of basil creates a deliciously fruity infusion. There are so many possibilities that you never have to drink plain old water again!

They aren’t going to break the bank either. Starting at about $4, they can be purchased at most health and fitness stores, as well as Amazon.

7. Citrus juicer

Freshly squeezed citrus juices are not only a great way to add flavor to your dishes, but they also provide a range of health benefits. Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that support a strong immune system and overall well-being.

Up until recently I didn’t realize a juicer and a citrus juicer weren’t one and the same. True, they both extract juice from fruits and certain veggies. However, whereas a regular old juicer makes you do the hard work of squeezing, turning, or pushing, a citrus juicer does all the hard work for you.

With the help of this small appliance, you can start your day with a glass of pure, tangy orange juice or beat the heat with a homemade lemonade. You can also add a zing to dishes such as tacos or chicken marinade with a squirt of lime juice. This helps to make simple foods like chicken or lean beef make an appearance as the star of your table, ensuring encore appearances again and again.

You can also add fresh fruit juice to your baked good, make your own citrus salad dressing, sorbets, salsas, or even a citrus-infused water!

Citrus juicers have come a long way, and are therefore very budget friendly. You can get one from any department or hardware store, as well as Amazon starting at just $15.

8. Yogurt Maker

If you’re a fan of creamy and nutritious yogurt, then a yogurt maker is a must-have gadget in your kitchen. It’s a game-changer that gives you full control over the ingredients, flavors, and texture of your yogurt.

Making your own yogurt at home comes with a whole bunch of benefits. You get to customize your yogurt exactly the way you want it, without any unwanted sugars or preservatives that are often found in store-bought versions. Plus, you can experiment with different types of milk—whether you prefer classic cow’s milk, plant-based options, or even goat’s milk, there are endless possibilities to suit your dietary preferences and needs.

The combination options for your own yogurt are literally endless. You can start with a plain one, add vanilla or other flavors like chocolate or caramel, add fruits, honey, maple syrup, even nuts and seeds! You can take it a step further and make yogurt parfaits or freeze it for a frozen snack on a hot day!

The price range can vary quite a bit, but you can find one for as low as $8 at Walmart for the one above on the left. Typically, they are around $30-$60 anywhere appliances are sold.

9. Electric grill

Grilling is often associated with outdoor barbecues, but with an electric grill, you can enjoy the flavors and experience of grilling right in your own kitchen. Here’s why an electric grill is a fantastic addition to your healthy cooking arsenal. This method requires little to no added fats or oils. The excess fats and oils from the food tend to drip away, resulting in healthier and leaner meals. With an electric grill, you can achieve the same delicious grill marks and flavors without the need for charcoal or gas, making it a healthier option.

They come in different sizes and can be used for cooking an incredible variety of foods. I personally have two in my kitchen. The first is a larger griddle type that allows me to feed my entire family with breakfast or lunch. It is big enough to make half a package of bacon on one side while making pancakes on the other half, or make up to 12 grilled cheese sandwiches all at the same time.

The second one is smaller, with a lid and a variety of plates that slide onto its surface. Although this one is smaller, the different plates and its design give me the options to make waffles and paninis, as well as cook lean meats, and even make burgers leaner!

Both of my grills allow me to feed an entire family with healthy delicious meals. I can grill vegetables along with chicken skewers at the same time, make salmon, or even grill pineapple for a healthier dessert!

Because of the large variety of grills out there, prices can vary from about $18 to hundred of dollars for grills offering a variety of plates. Sold anywhere appliances are sold.

10. Instant Pot

Is your counter space limited but you want a gadget that can do many things? Enter Instant Pot. Somewhat similar to the Air Fryer, this appliance allows you to do so much more! It makes preparing healthier meals quicker, allows for large quantities of food to be made for batch cooking, and can even create healthy desserts!

The Instant Pot excels at creating delicious and hearty soups and stews in a fraction of the time compared to traditional stovetop cooking. It can also cook a variety of lentils like rice and quinoa. Because it can maintain a consistent and optimal temperature for the fermentation process, you can make creamy and delicious yogurt – all you need is a dairy or a non-dairy product and starter culture! You can even customize your yogurt by adding fruits, nuts, or honey.

You can steam vegetables and they will retain their nutrients and colors. You can poach chicken and fish and it will remain tender and flavorful. This kitchen hero is big enough that you can make large amounts of food and freeze it for batch cooking. It also allows you to make indulgent yet nutritious treats like coconut yogurt cheesecake, rice pudding with almond milk, or steamed fruit compote.

Since this appliance can do so many things at once, its no surprise its one of the more expensive ones on the list. The prices can start from about $85 anywhere appliances are sold.

Incorporating these kitchen gadgets into your healthy eating routine can make a significant difference in your ability to prepare nutritious meals and stay on track with your health goals. Embrace the convenience, versatility, and functionality they offer, and let them be your partners in your quest for better nutrition.

Remember, healthy eating is not about deprivation or strict rules. It’s about finding joy in nourishing your body with wholesome ingredients and delicious flavors. With the help of these kitchen gadgets, you can transform your meals into culinary masterpieces that are both nutritious and enticing.

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