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Why RV rental is your next best family vacation. Part I.

As a parent, finding the perfect vacation destination for your family can be a challenge. From finding something that suits everyone’s needs to making sure everyone stays safe and entertained, there are many factors to consider. As a seasoned traveler with my family, we have tried all kinds of vacations, from camping in a tent to all-inclusive resorts. And while each has its perks, I have to say that vacationing in an RV is at the the top of the list. Dive in to find out why RV rental is your next best family adventure.

RV vacations offer the perfect combination of adventure, flexibility, and comfort. With an RV, you have the freedom to explore new places on your own schedule. Your don’t have to worry about finding lodging or adhering to check-in/ check-out times. RVs offer all the amenities of home, including comfortable beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Plus, you can bring a lot more items to make your vacation comfortable. Toys, games, puzzles, and board games are great for those rainy days. Not to mention 10 pairs of shoes that won’t fit in a suitcase, if that’s your thing!

Why RV rental is your next best family vacation

After many RV trips with my family, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best ways to travel with kids. Of course, everyone’s preferences are different, but for me, an RV vacation comes second only to an all-inclusive resort. In this article, I’ll share some of the reasons why renting an RV is a great option for families, along with tips for planning a safe and enjoyable trip with your kids.

RV Advantages

One of the biggest advantages of RV travel is the flexibility it provides. When you’re driving an RV, you’re in control of your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about sticking to a rigid itinerary or being tied to a specific location. If you stumble upon a beautiful lake or a charming town that you’d like to explore, you can simply park your RV and take your time.

For those who need frequent breaks, there are many truck stops along all the major highways in the US that allow stops for RVs. Luckily, stores like Walmart also allow free RV parking, sometimes as long as overnight, so not every stop has to be a paid one.

I remember one of our RV trips where we came across a gorgeous waterfall in the middle of nowhere. We were able to pull over and take our time hiking around and exploring, without feeling rushed or having to worry about making it to our next hotel reservation. It was a special experience that we wouldn’t have been able to have if we were on a more structured vacation.

Another great thing about RV travel is the comfort it provides. Our RV has everything we need to feel at home, including a tv, a microwave, a coffee maker, and even a toaster! This means we don’t have to rely on restaurants for all of our meals or public restrooms, which can be especially important when traveling with kids.

It also provides a much better coverage from the elements. Most RVs come equipped with air conditioning. This allows you to take a break from the summer heat much more effectively than if you are in a tent. And they are fantastic in the rain, especially if you plan for those times with games and movies.

RV Rental

It has to be said, in this day and age, with the cost of gas, some RV parks plus the rental price of an RV, it isn’t the cheapest vacation option. However, in my experience, it can be quite cost-effective overall. When you factor in the cost of lodging, meals, and entertainment, an RV trip can often be less expensive than staying in hotels and eating out every meal. Plus, by cooking our own meals and bringing our own entertainment (like board games and DVDs), we’re able to save even more.

While owning an RV can be a dream come true for many families, it’s not always practical or affordable. That’s where renting an RV comes in. Renting allows you to enjoy all the benefits of RV travel without the long-term commitment and expenses that come with owning one.

Renting an RV is also a great option if you’re not sure if RV travel is right for you. It allows you to test the waters and see if it’s something you’d like to invest in long-term. Another very important benefit of renting is that it can be a great way to try out different types and sizes of RVs to find the one that works best for your family.

And believe me, there are literally hundreds of different types of RVs and travel trailers available. They come in a plethora of different sizes and setups. It took us months of research and driving around to numerous dealers to narrow down what would work for us.

When renting an RV, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable rental company. You should look for a company that offers newer models, has a good reputation for customer service, and provides thorough instructions on how to operate the RV. It’s also important to carefully read the rental agreement and make sure you understand all the fees and requirements before signing. Read the reviews! Oftentimes reviews are able to give you more information about renting from a specific company than their own promotional material.

Arguably one of the biggest advantages of renting an RV is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. When you own an RV, you’re responsible for storing, maintaining and ensuring it’s in good condition. With a rental, all you have to do is enjoy your vacation and return the RV in the same condition you received it.

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